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Welcome to Human Milk. We're rethinking breastfeeding clothing.

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Rethinking business

Both our products and profits tread lightly on the Earth. We exist to protect your family and our planet.

We are a certified Social Enterprise and proud members of the Organisation for Responsible Business.

Every item you buy from us also happens to fuel our 'Human Milk, Tailor-Made for Tiny Humans' education movement that empowers, inspires and supports the lives and well-being of women and their families all over the globe. Thank you.

Together, we're part of the solution to global health, equality and sustainability.

Welcome to the Team.

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Recent Press

This Summer, both The Independent and The Evening Standard have chosen Human Milk as one of their top UK sustainable & ethical brands to shop with in 2022. Thank you. We agree!

Human Milk in a 1 minute nutshell

Award Winning

Human Milk are proud winners of the UK's leading Sustainability Awards, the 'People. Environment. Achievement. Award' 2020. Winners in other categories include Sir David Attenborough, VivoBarefoot, Triodos Bank and A Plastic Planet.


Sumptuous quality clothing, washes well which is essential! Beautifully soft fabric; love my full moon tee and cannot wait to get my hands on a hoodie ASAP.



Supportive, informative, friendly, helpful....just smashing!



Love the jumper so comfy and easy to feed in.


I can feed comfortably in it

I love my T-shirt! It’s beautifully soft and elastic. I can feed comfortably in it without overstretching it.


Love Everything

I love everything that I have bought so far.


The Arts are often at the centre of profound societal changes.

Why does breastfeeding matter so much?

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Protecting your family and our planet

Human Milk is our contribution towards the informed, supportive, safe, equitable, healthy and sustainable world we want to live in.

We work for women’s health and bodies to be understood, invested in, safe and respected. We work for the safety and health of our future generations.  We are all under the influence of many centuries of cultural messaging and decades of marketing that rely on us believing that we are not enough.


Our bodies are beautiful, certainly. But they are not decorative. When it comes to motherhood, we make bigger shifts than most of us are ever prepared for in order to give life to our children, to grow them in our wombs, birth them, sustain, protect and develop them with our milk and our love. 

Human Milk exists so that everyone, everywhere understands the importance of each mother and mother-to-be being empowered to know and own her own body, to make her own choices.

Welcome to your global Human Milk village.

Also, let's normalise the words human milk. After all, we're absolutely comfortable referring to cow's milk, or even soya milk. We're more comfortable talking about milk from a bean than we are about our own... 

So let's get comfortable with human milk.

human milk

The Human Milk Education Movement

Human Milk CIC houses our award winning Clothing & Accessories brand and a Global Education Movement on the science of human milk, active in 35 countries and 18 languages. Our work empowers women and their families and contributes to a healthier and more sustainable world. Your purchases fuel this movement. Thank you and welcome to the Team. We call for positive societal engagement globally to support breastfeeding mothers and future mothers who want to breastfeed. We call for respect, support, equity and knowledge.

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