Community Calls

Community Calls

We're introducing a new service; online community calls supporting both new and experienced mothers around our mental health, navigating the changes we go through in motherhood, together. There is no age limit, motherhood is an ever expanding experience!


Human Milk was founded to inform every woman, and our communities, about how incredible our milk and bodies are.


We'll be complementing this by introducing a new service; online community calls. These calls are a safe space to explore what womanhood and motherhood mean to us as individuals, be held when we need support, navigate the small and big changes together, define what we'd like our lives to look like and connect with others going through similar experiences.


The calls will be lead by our Community and Events Director, experienced Leadership Coach, Doula and Mother of two Charlotte Gouyette. 


Charlotte works with women in many sectors to help them navigate life's challenges and changes, and find clarity and confidence. She is from the UK, currently based in Lisbon, Portugal. Some sessions will also include guest speakers, and in time, we can imagine these becoming in person sessions around the world, and always a part of our live events.

We see how many of us struggle through our transition into motherhood (in fact, Charlotte and Human Milk Founder Claire both do what they do because of what they went through themselves). 

Many of us feel overwhelmed, insecure, exhausted, alone, and even if you're basically "fine", few of us know where to turn to get the support, community and insight we need to get us through in one piece! 

Our Community Calls will be the place to explore, talk and connect through coaching and workshops lead by Charlotte. There will be a free option and several paid options to choose from.


Breastfeeding will form part of the conversations, but you do not have to be exclusively breastfeeding - or breastfeeding anymore at all - to attend. It's your personal journey, your mental health and your wellbeing as a mother that matter here.


Join us on Zoom on April 30th, from 1pm till 1.45pm GMT to hear all about it and find our how to participate. The call will be recorded for anyone who misses it.

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