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Rethinking breastfeeding clothes

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Rethinking business

Both our products and profits tread lightly on the Earth and fuel a global education movement that empowers people.

Explore our global education movement


Sumptuous quality clothing, washes well which is essential! Beautifully soft fabric; love my full moon tee and cannot wait to get my hands on a hoodie ASAP.



Supportive, informative, friendly, helpful....just smashing!



Love the jumper so comfy and easy to feed in.


I can feed comfortably in it

I love my T-shirt! It’s beautifully soft and elastic. I can feed comfortably in it without overstretching it.


Love Everything

I love everything that I have bought so far.


Human Milk x Chloe Trayhurn

New collaboration in the works. We are thrilled to bits that British Artist Chloe Trayhurn is cooking up some beautiful new items with us...






Science Resources

human milk

Our Science of Human Milk Movement

Human Milk CIC houses our award winning Clothing & Accessories brand and a global education movement on the science of human milk, that empowers women and their families and contributes to a more sustainable world. Your purchases fuel this movement. Thank you and welcome to the Team. We call for positive societal engagement globally to support breastfeeding mothers and future mothers who want to breastfeed. We call for a global upscaling of our perception of women’s breasts and bodies. Our bodies are beautiful, but they are also brilliant. We carry a key to the health of our species. We call for respect, equity and knowledge.

Explore the remarkable science of human milk and find support