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Scarf Chloe Trayhurn x Human Milk - DAWN 180cm x 70cm

Scarf Chloe Trayhurn x Human Milk - DAWN 180cm x 70cm

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Human Milk teamed up with Chloe Trayhurn around our shared love of womanhood and mothers to bring you our first Chloe Trayhurn x Human Milk Scarf Collection.

Together, we want you to know that you are brilliant.



Close up, you get lost in the colours. Like the early years of motherhood that melt into one vague, messy time of life, Dawn seems like a delicious abstract piece until it reveals itself as a powerful symbol of sisterhood and community when you stand back a little.


"This painting is symbolic of standing shoulder to shoulder with other mothers and how momentous making meaningful connections can be. Motherhood can feel lonely and isolating at times, finding friends and sisterhood can be hard but is so valuable." Chloe Trayhurn


"One of the best parts of our job is getting to work with Artists whose work is so beautiful that we almost don't want to ask if we can lift it off the canvas. Chloe's images have such a depth of understanding of intimacy, love, perseverance and communion that they almost wrap themselves around you. It's only one small step really to bring these incredible images to soft, beautiful quality fabric and literally let them embrace you" Claire Tchaikowski, Human Milk Founder


100% Modal, 180cm x 70cm, made in Italy. Modal is a natural fabric made from beech trees. Our modal is FSC certified.

Please note:


- Despite our best efforts, colours may vary slightly between the products and the photos. The main photo above is a graphic file and not a photo of the scarf. See below for photos of the scarf.

- Some photographs are of our scarf samples with raw edges. The edges on the scarf you receive will be finished by hand and machine, rolled and stitched, like this:


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