Human Milk

Heart scarf - Roses

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These beautifully soft, large scarves are covered in hearts created out of the known components of human milk, with colours inspired by Mother Nature.

Printed on lightweight fabric that will keep you cosy in winter, and warm on a breezy summer's day. Manufactured in the Como region of Italy, renowned for designer textile products.

180cm X 70cm; 100% Viscose – handwash only.

10% of profits from the sale of this item go to the Hearts Milk Bank and the Human Milk Foundation.

"The Hearts Milk Bank is the UK's newest milk bank. We are bringing a new approach to the provision of milk bank services, supported by the Human Milk Foundation, to provide the opportunity of being fed with human milk to every baby who could benefit. The HMB offers equity of access to safe and assured supplies of donor human milk to hospitals and community-based clinicians for babies across London, East Anglia, the southeast of England and beyond. As a centre of research, we have created wide-ranging new programmes of studies into milk banking and human milk. Our vision is to support families, researchers and breastfeeding through the wider availability of screened donor milk, and work with milk banks across the UK to create the gold standard of safety and efficiency."

SAFETY WARNING - These scarves must not be used as a baby sling or baby cover.